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The Life and Times of Jack Syntax
PostScript Investigator

Originally printed as a serial in Graphic Exchange magazine during the heady early days of desktop publishing, this now retro-futuristic detective story was actually set in the then-near future of 2002-2012. The Life and Times of Jack Syntax, PSI, was later resurrected in this animated short produced by Graphic Exchange as part of our Digital Bridge Interactive CD.

In the premiere episode (below), Jack begins his hunt for the villain behind the homicidal deletion of Norton, Jack's longtime friend and business partner.

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Original story, Shane Steinman ©1992




high concept choreographer
And Toronto's experimental dancers, 1972-1987

by Peter Dudar




In Shooting Reality, multidisciplinary artist Peter Dudar has come up with a provocative means of representing reality in fine art.

To do this, he advises ‘cherry picking’ aspects of photography, video and painting—and redeploying them so that they actually mean something in 2010.

Perceiving reality, especially through movement, is the crux of Peter Dudar’s own work. In Shooting Reality, he shows how this perception originated in his performance art—and informed his current photo-based and video projects.













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